Selecting the right escrow company

REALTORS® and other experienced real estate licensees recognize the important role that the escrow company and especially the LPO ( Licensed Practice Officer, aka the escrow officer) plays in the success of a real estate transaction.

Many years back I decided that as part of my service to my clients ( both buyers and sellers), I would attend the signing appointments at escrow.

Since escrow is not always at the discretion of the client nor me, I have witnesssed the “Good , Bad and the Ugly” when it comes to levels of service from different escrow firms.

There are many excellent escrow officers and firms out there and I believe I work with one of the best. Linda Charleson is my escrow officer at Davidson, Czeisler and Kilpatric in Kirkland ( 425 889-5395). Linda is knowledgable, personable and empathetic to the stresses that sellers and buyers face at this stage of the sale.

Yesterday I attended the signings of both a seller and a buyer and the professionalism exhibited by Linda and her staff was without fault.

I am told that I am one of only a few agents who does attend escrow. I wouldn’t have it any other way- it is part of what makes me different and sets me apart.


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